Celebrating International Youth Day and Youth Day of Service 2022: Boa Daakye Paints Dehia Basic School.

In celebration of International Youth Day and Youth Day of Service 2022, our team and volunteers have painted the Dehia Basic school, one of our adopted schools in the Central Region of Ghana.

This comes as part of Boa Daakye’s aim to empower the youths through its Youth In Service initiative, a third component of the Youth Africa program with a focus on development.

We were excited to receive thirty youths poised for transformation and committed to ensuring a better world for all attending the Paint to Serve Project.

Here are what some of the participants had to say.

  1. Lovelace Amos

I am a CAMFED Association member. I volunteered because I am very passionate about community give-back and anything that focuses on volunteering gives me much joy so I don’t hesitate to make a positive impact in the community. I also believe in everyday learning. Learning does not end. Youth must embrace opportunities to learn. To me, youth engagement in community development sharpens skills, broadens knowledge, and gives you a platform to network with your peers and establish lifelong networks. I am very happy I participated in the Paint to Serve project because I have learned that nothing comes easy but it is possible if you put your mind to it.

2. Samuel Swanzy-Baffoe

I am a volunteer for Boa Daakye Foundation. I love to help my community the best way I can because I believe we have a critical role to play if we will see development. We need to be a part of it and it starts with us. If we are going to see the development we have always yearned and called for, then we all have to be part of it. Our energy, drive, ingenuity, and creativity are always needed to solve problems around us and make things better. And no job is easy or in a certain hierarchy. Everything around us is important and has a certain relevance that cannot be underplayed. I enjoyed the painting; every ounce of it! I’ll surely go back to it any day and anytime.

3. Aileen Ada Arthur

Aileen Ada Arthur is my name and I have been working as a volunteer for Boa Daakye Foundation for about two years now. I’ve always had the volunteering spirit and I am happy whenever I am can do something out of my will without being asked to. I believe that the youth are the key drivers to community development and their engagement, therefore, is a must. I have never painted before but participating in this Paint to Serve Project, I would say, has been a great opportunity to learn how to paint.

4. Irene Antwi

I am Irene Antwi and a volunteer for Boa Daakye Foundation. I believe engaging in community development activities builds a sense of responsibility and fulfillment in you. As you engage in community development, you realize there is more to do and when you’re able to achieve everything, there’s that inner joy you feel. Today’s activity has been very exciting and I have learned that collaboration is key when working with different people and that brings efficiency to the work. I have never regretted participating in this Paint to Serve project.

5. Adelaide Adelaide Dede Abaidoo

I am the founder of Delkom Charity Foundation and a first-time volunteer for Boa Daakye Foundation. I volunteer to impact society. I believe youth engagement and involvement is the channel through which impact can be executed to make society a better place. I encourage all youth to do their part in ensuring a better world for all.

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