Boa Daakye Foundation marks International Women’s Day 2023 with girls of Dehia Basic School.

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023, we joined the world in the ‘Embracing Equity’ campaign to add to ending period poverty now.

A picture of one of the girls we serve at Dehia Basic School joining in the Embracing Equity Campaign.

As part of our efforts to ensure an inclusive and quality education for our learners, 43 girls in the school we serve, Dehia Basic School, were taken through training on how to sew reusable sanitary towels.

A picture of some of the participants undergoing training on how to sew reusable sanitary towels.

The training is aimed at providing an equitable and sustainable opportunity for our girls to leverage when menstruating. This will help them deal with challenges like the increasing cost of sanitary products, ensuring they have a safe and hygienic period, and promoting school attendance in the long run; increasing their participation in school, and igniting academic excellence.

Participants flaunting their items from the training session.

All 43 girls who took part in this session received education on:

1. What is menstruation, and how it happens

2. Menstrual Cycle

3.  Avoiding pregnancy

4. Menstrual Hygiene and Menstrual products

5. How to sew and use reusable sanitary towels

6. How to wash, clean, and maintain these towels.

A picture of one of the nurses teaching the girls parts of their sex organ.

In addition to this, participating girls were supported with items to help them sew more of the towels during their free period. They also received packets of shaving sticks and bathing soap.

A picture of one of the participants showing the items she received from the session.

This project was funded by Women Changemakers for Education, initially, Empowered to Educate.

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