World Youth Skills Day: Six Skills Every Youth Needs for the Future.

In celebration of World Youth Skills Day 2022 on the theme, Transforming Youth Skills for the Future, we have highlighted six basic skills every youth needs for the future.

1. Digital Skills

In today’s digitally advanced world, it has become important for youths to gain essential digital skills for their career success. Some of these skills include search engine marketing, data analytics, digital marketing, digital design, UI/UX design, Content creation, Media production and Internet research. You could also master some digital platforms including Google maps or Google suite) and teach people how well to use them. There is also the chance for you to help businesses by offering services that make them visible and efficient digitally through which youcan start earning on your own. In recent times, the internet has become home to almost everything. As such it is imperative to devise ways and means to navigate it no matter the field you find yourself in. If you find yourself in the engineering field you have to learn AutoCAD and others. For fields like Economics, Mathematics, Statistics and even the social sciences, there are tools like Microsoft Excel, Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), and MaxQDA, among others. There is a need for more technological interventions here in Ghana and the continent at large. Each of us has what it takes to provide that even if it’s through the adaptation of already existing technology.

2. Problem Solving Skills 

You may want to learn innovative ways of addressing issues. Employers are not only looking for people who can identify problems but also those who can solve them. It will please you to know that all the big businesses that exist today like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Space X and others are thriving because they solve a lot of the world’s problems. In our part of the world, a problem-solving orientation is needed in many areas. One of the biggest problem-solving skills needed now is the value chain and value creation skills. That way we will be able to see the value in many things that lie around us and what comes together to help create that value needed; which will become a profitable ecosystem. When we take interest in and acquire more problem-solving skills, we will be dealing adequately with youth unemployment and the security threats it comes with. Come to think of it, the biggest mine we could have around us is the mountain of problems that exist. It’s about time we started mining solutions into them to create value.

3. Communication Skills

Communication is fundamental to human interaction and relationships. It is important to learn the skill of effective communication because it is an integral part of successful relationships and organizational growth. By working with youths, we have come to realize one of the biggest fears we all may have is public speaking. A lot of us seem to have an inherent attraction toward public speaking but the fear of failing and not doing well prevents us from standing up to it. 

But tell you what, we are and will all be public speakers and leaders at one point in time or the other. These are things we need to accept to push us to face our fears. To deal with it perfectly, tackle all the communication challenges you have as good communication skills provide effective results at all times.

4. Adaptability

Your ability to easily adapt to changes will make the difference. Are you flexible in your thoughts and actions when faced with new situations? Your answer needs to be a yes at this point. Make no room for a “no.” As the saying goes, “It is only a fool that does the same thing over and over again and expects new results.” Look around you today and see if you can point out some things we are doing over and over again as a country, society or community but are expecting new results.Adaptability comes with the concept of evolving to incorporate things that have changed around us into what has become a norm for us. Many of us are ordinarily conservative and we might want to check that. Adaptability is important because it should give better results than already exists. It is easy to observe that we easily kick, for instance, against technologies that could potentially take over the jobs we do. Instead of kicking against something that promises efficiency, effectiveness and precision, we should rather focus on its benefits and how wecan play a role in its establishment.

5. Emotional Intelligence

Knowing yourself and controlling your emotions will help you build stronger relationships and be successful at your job.Emotional intelligence entails getting to know yourself closely to understand your psyche as an individual. For instance,knowing your personality type can help you understand yourselfbetter. This will help you capitalize on your strengths to achieve more and deal with your weaknesses. Every environment demands a certain psyche to operate in, and this is why it is important to be emotionally intelligent by understanding your psychological and emotional landscape. It gives you the ability to always be a better version of yourself.

6. Entrepreneurship Skills

A key part of Ghana’s future in terms of development is entrepreneurship. It is instructive also to note that employment is not always guaranteed and may not be enough for one’s upkeep. It is, therefore, essential for youths to gain skills that can help them start and manage their initiatives to bring them income. Entrepreneurship is important because the government needs the support of citizens to solve problems in the country. So, you might be running a business but in effect, what you are also doing is being a partner for the development the government seeks to achieve.

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